"going under underground"


"going under underground" is an independent underground publisher of left-wing books such as: Graphic Novels, Comics, Text, Art and Stuff. Founded in 2022 on planet Earth.

"We have no business plan, no money… but we love books and believe that anything and everything can be political"



Comming Soon

book cover No tears for space

No Tears for Space by Niklas Wallenborg

100 "text-drawings" based on space-related headlines sourced from social media posts during 2020. 105x148mm, 100 pages, soft cover.

book cover Jerry and AL

Jerry & A.L. halftime

It's a collaboration between: Niklas Wallenborg, ChatGPT and DALL-E.

"Jerry and A.L is the story about a blue-collar worker on a 40-year contract aboard the commercial cargo vessel the CSS Ananke and the ships computer A.L (Artificial Labor controller ) a sentient computer with artificial intelligence."

"Halfway" is the second issue and takes place 20 years into the service. The entire story unfolds over the course of one day

New Releases

book cover political

A Comics and stuff Anthology.” ( 148x210 mm 52 pages, soft cover.)

Only 50 limited copies available!

Featuring an lineup of talented artists - André Batista, Anders Tolergård, Diktgymnasiet & Robin Montelius, Dorinel Marc, Frej B, Johan Löfström, Kristina Abelli Elander, Magdalena Nordin, Niklas Wallenborg, Patrick Kretschek, and Peter Banö.

Open Call

happy family in landscape


DEADLINE 12/12( Spread the word )

Theme - Resistance and Hope (open for interpretation) Send your submission to info@niklaswallenborg.com I have zero budget and can't pay you.

Looking for

  • ∗ Comics, text, art… anything you can print.
  • ∗ 1-4 pages.
  • ∗ Page size A5.
  • ∗ Colour or Black/white.
  • ∗ Swedish or English.


book cover political

POLITICAL - A Comics and stuff Anthology

book cover The Writings of Karl Warx

The Writings of Karl Warx

book cover Cute Cats and Capitalism

Cute Cats and Capitalism

book cover Jerry (and A.L.) - Season 1

Jerry (and A.L.) - Season 1

book cover The Communist Manifesto - The Bootleg Edition

The Communist Manifesto - The Bootleg Edition